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Day 10 of the Twelve Trek Days of Christmas is "Ten Gamers Gaming" in which I'm going to link to Star Trek fan-made games in ten categories. Last year I used these categories ...

  1. The Board Game - Last year I featured 3D Chess but this year I have something else up my sleeve ;)
  2. The Customizable Card Game - The Decipher CCG has died but are there any Fan-made CCGs?
  3. The Constructable Card Game - cross between a trading card game and tabletop wargaming.
  4. The Starship Sim - Tabletop wargaming and board games have morphed with RPG's to form the space battle simulation.
  5. The Role Playing Games
  6. The Text-based Computer Game - A historical curiosity still of interest to a small core of retro-gamers!
  7. The 2D Games - Gameplay as if you are looking down from the top - "top-down" - or from the side - a "side-scroller"
  8. The 3D Games - An immersive 3D environment
  9. The Mods - A mod (or modification) of an existing, commercial game.
You can checkout what I suggested last year HERE.

What would you suggest I list for this year?

  • Is there a category you think I'm missing?
  • Are there any fan-made card games available? Pirates of the Federation seems dormant or dead unfortunately.
  • For the Starship Sim I'm featuring Kapact's Fantasy Trek, any others?
  • For the RPG I'm featuring ST: Above And Beyond from Fasty, but I'll gladly list any others
  • How about general comments on the different gaming categories - how do you assign scores in an RPG? What's the dividing line between a very large gaming environment like Starbase 11 and an MMOG?

Why, yes, as a matter of fact I will be compiling this into a fanzine! What made you guess that? :rolleyes: if anyone feels up to taking on an article for one of the categories, they'll get credit as a contributor.

Gotta Blaze!



At August 25, 2009 at 8:00 AM kapact said...

Hello there... this is Kapact. i was wondering if there have been any updates on this.....


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