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2nd Trek Day of Xmas 08: Two Podcasts

... or even more!

Podcasting is settling into a regular niche after the initial excitement of it's early years. The unexpected plummeting of the price of portable memory has made devices that can now store as many videos on your iPod (or equivalent) as you used to have songs on it when it first came out! This is not to say that audio podcasting is in danger of being left behind because there will always be a place for audio only media - it is not advisable to watch a video podcast when driving for example! They are starting to be seen as a real alternative to live-to-air radio programmes. You can listen to them any time you want to, as many times as wish and pause for bathroom breaks at will! Whilst they're not as polished as professional productions, the podcasting community is steadily "raising the bar" on what we can expect by technical and stylistic self-education.

For the second year in a row, Jim Caswell and Doug Zeitlin, co-creators and producers of TWERPcast, have provided us with a great example of what can be done with the media. Technically well produced after a period of early exploration of recording techniques they've created an identity for their show that is uniquely theirs. This is because, like most of the best podcasts, the characters and opinions of the presenters comes through as spontaneous and honest. This is not your scripted Entertainment Tonight!

Originally we were thinking of having two podcasts but, why stop at two? Whilst there is not an oversupply of Star trek related podcasts, there is a wide variety of well-established shows …

TREKS in SCI-FI - Long-running, high quality reviews of shows and collectable news
Make It So - Two English loonies having a great time! mature content at times.
Maquispodcast - Predominantly Starfleet International news and comment
Hailing Frequency and STO-Zone - The mainstays of Trek Gaming, also broadcasting live
TWIP - news and background info on Pendant Productions, makers of ST Defiant
Behind The Scenes at Darker Projects - Production Blog of the makers of ST Lost Frontier
Slice of SciFi - The classic choice for wide-ranging news and views on Sci Fi
The Sci Phi Journal - Thought-provoking presentations on philosophy from a Sci Fi basis

Keep checking back and we'll be updating this list on a weekly basis until the end of the Twelve Trek Days. If anyone knows of a podcast that they would like to recommend Contact us and we'll list anything anything of a Trek or general Sci Fi nature.




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